Total Newbie matter – how can I connect your Velodyne to simple radio.


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Sorry, I know that this needs to be clear, but i can not weight it – after reading through the guidebook!

Just how do I connect simple Yamaha RX3900 device to a Velodyne CHT-Q show sub.

The sub enjoys stereo (l+r) stimulant (all i’ve held in past times experienced mono inputs) and the yamaha amp hasn’t got a sub output where the rest of the presenter components live.

Thanks, and you need to dismiss simple stupidity – I am sure the response would be clear once I recognize.



You intend to link the Pre-OUT sub of the Yamaha to either the left or right network the Velodyne

It’s just over the heart regarding the three orange electronic coaxial stimulant regarding Yamaha

Revise: apologies any particular Mixxxer one’s a feedback, the right one you desire is actually several additionally off to the right whenever properly determined it.


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Ok, thank you. It actually was the right and left that has been puzzling me personally.

How does the sub have remaining and right channels?



If the amplifier hasn’t got a dedicated submarine woofer network ie is definitely HiFi not an AV receiver, but offers stereo pre-outs, you can easily dispatch the total selection right and left channel into the sub when it comes to submarine to pull the LFE wavelengths from.

As you have the LFE as a mono transmission there’s no need to connect with both, however some group do this utilizing a phono splitter. Numerous subs get one and other belonging to the right and left in addition labeled all the way up as mono, or maybe you might discover that the sub handbook proposes one on the different.


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Ah, ok, I presume I get it.

There can be a great deal to find out inside field.

Thank you for their assist.


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One last query, looks like i would like a cable with a male connector at one extreme (to hook up the Yamaha) and a simple wire on the other half (to hook up to either the left or ideal feedback in the again associated with sub).

I’ve several AV guides with connections on, do I simply slash one stop away and use that? They are not especially weighty evaluate line, just the kind of cable you might get in a Maplins or Dixons. Will that feel enough?


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I’ve attempted to connect the subwoofer – nevertheless it isn’t functioning. Exactly what am we undertaking wrong?

I bought an RCA cable tv and cut off one close. Unsure if I should use the center cable, or perhaps the external cable for put or great, but tried both.

The subwoofer just features a continuing hum.

The other stop is attached to the rear of the RX3900 through the sub woofer connector, perhaps not the main over the 3 orange connectors, but furthermore along right in identical line (determine affixed).



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I got myself an RCA cable and blocked one end. Unclear if I should utilize the middle wire, or perhaps the outer cable for kept or correct, but experimented with both.

The subwoofer just possesses a constant hum.

The other close was attached to the rear of the RX3900 inside submarine woofer connector, certainly not the one higher than the 3 lime fittings, but even more along to the right in the same strip (see connected).

You have the cable linked to the proper terminal to the Yamaha nevertheless you cannot link the lowest amount RCA line to high level presenter inputs, do their Velodyne need RCA stimulant (low/line degree) ?

Making use of one RCA – RCA cable you should only hook within the Yamahas submarine pre out (the only you are utilizing today) to at least one of this the Velodynes low/line levels RCA stimulant

Would you posting a photograph associated with backside of this Velodyne or provide specific product numbers ?

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